Best A/C Replacement Service in Moore, OK

A/C maintenance in Moore, OK

Modern air conditioners are expensive, with all the efficiency features and advanced cooling technologies that come with them. This significant investment makes it crucial for you to make the right decision and pick the best system that you can depend for comfort on for years.

A-Better Heat & Air Conditioning can help you make an informed buying decision when you need a new A/C replacement in Moore, OK and the nearby areas. Call us today to get an estimate of a new installation!

Tips for Buying a New Air Conditioning System in Moore, OK

Here are helpful tips for buying a new air conditioning unit in Moore, OK:

Plan Ahead of Time

Buying a new A/C will become much easier if you have plans beforehand. Have a list of A/C companies and compare their services and rates. Go for the one that works best for your needs. Check your budget, as well. If your budget can’t make it, you can opt for financing options offered by your chosen HVAC contractor.

Opt for Trusted Brands

The leading names in the industry like Carrier are the ones you can depend on when it comes to comfort. These popular brands also come with a warranty (for labor and parts) that will save you from costly repairs. You are also guaranteed with quality and efficiency by opting for trusted cooling brands.

Don’t Be Tempted by Costs

It can be tempting to buy a new A/C offered at a very low price. You may not look at its specs since its cost is quite convincing. Make sure you know what you are getting, and don’t just go with the price. Talk with A/C pros to know what brands are the best when it comes to features, performance, and efficiency.

Buy a Highly Efficient Unit

Buying a highly efficient system may sound like an expensive option, but it will pay you back through bigger savings over time. Highly efficient systems consume less amount of energy, which later reflects in low cooling bills.

Get the Right Size

When it comes to A/C, bigger is not always better. Besides big energy consumption, a larger unit tends to short cycle when it meets your space’s cooling demand, affecting its overall performance and your comfort. Make the right choice by contacting your contractor to perform an expert load calculation and system sizing.

Invest  in Programmable Thermostat

When buying a new A/C, don’t forget to buy your new programmable thermostat as well, especially when your current thermostat is old. Using a new programmable thermostat will not only regulate your indoor temperature better but will also curb the energy you use at home.

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