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When you smell something weird as your air conditioner blows cool air, it means your equipment faces minor to major problems. Immediately address it the pros for expert air conditioning repair in Choctaw, OK.

A lot of factors can contribute to the strange odor emitted by your A/C—and it only takes a licensed technician to uncover the issue and provide the best solution.  

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What‘s That Strange Smell When You Turn on Your A/C?

Weird odors are among the most reported A/C issues in Choctaw, OK and nearby towns. If you notice strange odor when you run your air conditioning system, the best thing to do is get help from your local A/C experts for complete and professional air conditioning repair in Choctaw, OK.

Did you know what causes these odors? Read on and find out.

Rotten Eggs 

You may encounter a smell like rotten eggs due to deays from animals within the duct. Animals may have sought shelter in your duct during the long winter season. That’s why it’s best to get a regular duct service for better IAQ. Cleaning the duct once a year is advised.

Metallic Smell

Are you bothered by an electrical or metallic smell as your unit operates? This is probably a sign that your equipment is overheating due to some malfunctioning motors or tattered wires. Letting the unit work on this poor state can only make the situation worse. Unplug it and call for professional help.

Burned Dust

You probably observed a burnt or dusty smell when you turned on your equipment for the first time. Don’t fret, that’s normal. This is the smell of the dust that sits idle during the winter season. But the odor should not last for more than a few days. If it does, then take time to check the filters and replace them if needed. If the smell continues, call a professional help for a quality air conditioning repair in Choctaw, OK.

Burning Rubber/ Plastic

This odor usually comes from the vent. Check the vent or registers and see if there are plastic or rubber items placed in there. But if you see nothing and the odor still persists, then it’s time to take actions. Unplug your equipment and call the experts for air conditioning repair in Choctaw, OK.

Musty Odor

Musty odor is caused by mold build-up or the presence of bacteria in your air conditioning system. This can also happen for heat pumps that are used as a cooling alternative during summer. Schedule an air conditioning repair in Choctaw, OK immediately to check equipment.

Contact the A/C Experts for Fast Repairs

One of the symptoms your A/C will show you when it runs faulty is the weird odors. Don’t let your system run when you experience this. It’s best to address the problem to the experts for immediate inspection and diagnosis.

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