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If you want to ensure your air conditioner’s efficiency, you need to clean your air filter regularly. Doing so maintains your air conditioner’s ideal condition and keeps your utility bills low. A clean filter also helps eliminate harmful airborne pollutants, providing your family with healthy indoor air.

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5 Steps on How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter

A crucial part of a regular maintenance routine is knowing how to clean your air conditioner filter. The way you do this task also plays a crucial role in helping your A/C continue functioning correctly. Continue reading as we look at all aspects of cleaning the air filter.

Determine Your A/C Filter’s Location

If you’re using central air conditioners, the filter is usually located near the cold air return. In most homes in the U.S., the component lies within the basement. However, in some other places, it will typically be in the garage or some other type of storage room since not all houses have basements.

Turn Your A/C Off

When you’re doing any servicing on your air conditioner, it’s a good precautionary measure to turn your system off. Doing this will keep you safe as you work on it.

Remove the Filter and Vacuum it

Most of the time, you’ll find a certain amount of dust compiled on the filter. You can remove it using your vacuum with a bristled attachment. We recommend you do this for all of your central A/C filters, including those behind the returns. Also, be sure to vacuum both sides of your air filter.

Reinstall Your Filter

After cleaning your filter and removing the dust and debris, you can proceed to reinstall it. Most of the filters have an arrow indicating which way they’re supposed to face. It means that the arrow needs to point in the direction of the airflow

Repeat the Process at Least Once a Month

If you want to maintain good indoor air quality, it’s vital to get in the habit of checking your air conditioner filter at least once per month. As part of the checking, you should clean or replace your filter, depending on whether it’s reusable or not. If you’re unsure how to clean your air filter, don’t hesitate to contact an expert to handle the job.

We Will Keep Your Air Filter Clean

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