• Summer Tips to Prevent Mold In Your Home

    If you think that mold only thrives during cold months, you are wrong! Mold can also be one of your unwanted guests this summer season. Some strains of mold require the warm temperature to develop, and you might have some in your home right now. Sto... Read More

  • The Refrigerant in My Air Conditioner: What Is It, Anyway?

    Ever wondered how your air conditioner cools your home? The science behind an air-conditioned home is in the refrigerant. But, what is refrigerant in particular? How does it work in producing a cool temperature in your space? Let us find out t... Read More

  • Summer Energy Saving Tips for Your Budget

      Thinking of ways on how to lower your energy bills this summer can be daunting. But mind you, there are countless actions you can do to cut half of your bill when the heat is at its peak. This summer, try these simple and inexpensive en... Read More

  • 5 Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioners

    Achieving your preferred comfort at home is an important consideration when looking for the best cooling system. Once you decide to install one, you will be presented with a wide range of options. One of those is a ductless air conditioner. This ... Read More

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