3 Possible Causes of Uneven Heating in Your Moore, OK Home

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3 Possible Causes of Uneven Heating in Your Moore, OK Home   Does your HVAC system heat your home unevenly? You may have a few speculations about it. Perhaps, you are starting to deal with it yourself. To clear your mind about the main reasons for uneven heating in your home, continue reading this post. Undersized Furnace When your heating system is not properly sized, it won’t be able to meet your home’s heating demands. You should have a professional  HVAC contractor to conduct an inspection to identify the right size of furnace that your house requires. This way, you’ll save yourself from the uneven heat this cold season. Impaired Blower Motor A damaged blower motor impedes your furnace from blowing warm air throughout the house. When it stops working, you’ll feel completely uncomfortable indoors. The blower motor plays an integral role in your furnace, so when it failed or malfunctioned, it needs to be repaired immediately. Poor Airflow Uneven heating in your Moore, Ok home is also caused by inadequate airflow. There are several possible causes for poor airflow such as the following:
  • Blocked Registers
Take a peek at your home’s registers. See to it that they are clear of any obstructions like clothing, toys or furniture. Clear the area around the registers to allow the air to enter the rooms freely. Anything placed near them can block the air from circulating in the entire house thus, leaving cold spots in some areas of your living place.
  • Dirty Filters
Dirt buildup on your filters reduces the chance of air to reach other areas of the house. When dust and debris have accumulated in the filters, it might be difficult to achieve even heating on all rooms of your home.
  • Closed Registers
Double check your registers. Make sure they are open and unblocked.
  • Disconnected/Leaky Ductwork
Have a professional check the duct system for disconnected or leaky parts. Leakage restricts the air from reaching the area it is supposed to go which results in uneven heating. Ask your service provider to conduct a duct inspection if you suspect leakage in this part. How to Fix Uneven Heating There are more possible causes of uneven heating aside from the ones mentioned above. But don’t fret! Our experts at A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning will work on them one by one. Nothing is better than working with us concerning your heating needs. Don’t think twice when you need furnace inspection, repairs or maintenance. We are always here to serve you.