3 Types of Home Air Conditioner Filters Explained

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3 Types of Home Air Conditioner Filters Explained   You are probably one of the many homeowners in Moore, OK who is confused about various types of A/C filters. Without the right information, understanding each of their kind can be troublesome. So, let us help you get to know the best air filter for your home.
  1. Electronic/Electrostatic Filters
As the name implies electronic filters use electricity to attract and trap dirt, dust, debris and other air contaminants. They have small cotton-like fibers that produce a static charge while at work. This charge will stop even the smallest airborne particle from circulating in the entire house. Although they are more expensive than other kinds of A/C filters, their durability and efficiency are truly worth the price. The average electronic air filter can last up to 6 months with proper care and maintenance. If allergen removal is your topmost concern, this is the best choice.
  1. Mechanical Air Filters
Commonly used by most residential owners, mechanical air conditioner filters are proven to remove around 30% of toxins and pollutants in the air. They come with synthetic fibers that filter and eliminate air particles before they invade your home. These filters are crafted from advanced strands of fibers that are applicable for both air conditioners and furnaces. Mechanical A/C filters are the cheapest but are the least effective. You need to replace them more often because the fibers and mesh are easily damaged by cleaning. Depending on the thickness of the filter, they can last up to 5 months.
  1. Pleated Air Filters
To compare, pleated air filters are way better than mechanical filters. Based on studies, they are effective in removing up to 40% of airborne contaminants in households because their filters contain more fiber per square inch. Not only that they are affordable, but they are also efficient in maintaining a quality indoor air. You can opt between a disposable or washable pleated A/C filter suitable to your HVAC system. Look for High MERV Rating Air filters for air conditioners are evaluated based on their MERV (minimum efficiency rating value). So, when shopping for the best air filter, look for one with a higher MERV rating from 9 to 11. Regardless of the type, model or brand of A/C filter you have, be sure to keep it clean and maintained at all times. Finding the right type of air filter can be daunting so don’t hesitate to ask for help from the experts. Contact us at A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning today.