4 Easy Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

Your A/C could be one of your biggest investments, so the goal is to make the most out of the system while keeping it in good working condition. But how can that be possible? We’ve made a list of no-cost ways to lessen the stress on your A/C unit and help it last longer. 

Keep It Cool & Protected

Because your A/C is a heat-emitting appliance, you have to keep it cool and away from direct sunlight. You can use drapes or heavy blinds on the sunny side of your home for extra protection. Also, don’t let your A/C get in contact with other heat-producing devices to prevent overheating and other potential problems.

Change Your Filters Regularly

To function properly, your A/C depends on the free flow of filtered, clean air. If the filters get clogged due to dirt and debris, airflow can be restricted, causing strain to your air conditioner. This means your A/C works harder and longer than normal to keep your home at a comfortable level. But with your air filters regularly checked and replaced, your system can work more efficiently while reducing the chances of breakdown.

Be Mindful of Your Airflow 

Anything that blocks your A/C unit slows down its ability to cool your home. Low airflow is a sign that something in and around your system is blocking the normal circulation of air that’s why it’s having a hard time to do its job. The added strain on your system increases wear and tear, making it more susceptible to serious repairs or complete breakdown. If you noticed a problem on your airflow, have it inspected or repaired by a professional quickly. The sooner it is identified and addressed, the better your system will be.

Don’t Neglect Maintenance

Long system life comes with a price—so you’re likely to spend more on maintenance and emergency repairs. Tune-ups are essential part of A/C care which includes inspection, cleaning, checking of refrigerant levels, lubrication of all moving parts, filter replacement, and other tasks to help your system last longer and work efficiently.

You can’t predict how long your A/C can survive, but at least you can make sure that you get the longest possible life out of it. If you’ve been lax about taking care of your system, now is the time to invest more in system care and maintenance. Contact us at A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning for professional help. Our certified technicians are knowledgeable and experienced on all A/C works. Just give us a call, and we’ll be there in no time.