5 Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Heating System in Purcell, OK

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5 Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Heating System in Purcell, OK   Are you looking to replace your aging heating system? If YES, then a ductless mini-split system in Purcell, OK is a good option. Choosing this system as a replacement for your heating system offers amazing benefits for your home comfort. Check out the advantages of a ductless mini-split system over its counterparts.
No Ductwork Required
A ductless mini-split system can warm your home without the need for ducts. If your house is old, small, and situated in an area with extraordinary high heating costs, installing this system is a smart choice to make.
Customized Comfort
Every ductless mini-split system offers personalized comfort for every home occupant or for any space it serves. With this, you can have better control of the temperature in every room or area in the house based on your personal preferences. If you or one in the family can’t agree on one temperature, then mini splits are the ideal solution.
Energy Efficiency
Because mini-split systems are ductless, it reduces the possibility of energy loss linked with ducted heating systems. The energy travels directly from the system into various rooms. As far as energy efficiency is concerned, a ductless mini-split system in Purcell, OK consumes 60% less than traditional heating systems.
Multiple Operating Modes
Mini-splits provide several modes of operation such as heating, cooling, and humidifying—making them ideal for residences situated in a humid climate. Aside from having automatic functions, they also offer sleep and fan-only operating modes.
Better Air Quality
The absence of ducts makes mini-splits a wise choice because there will be no room for extra mold, dust, dirt or any volatile organic compound to stay. They feature multi-stage filtration designed to reduce the particulates and contaminants in the air, thus creating a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. Whether you’re building a new home or simply looking to purchase a new heating unit, a ductless mini-split system in Purcell, OK offers multiple benefits for your home or commercial space. Contact us at A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a free in-home estimate today! We’ll walk you through various options suitable to your comfort needs in Moore, OK, and surrounding areas.