5 Common HVAC Mistakes To Avoid

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5 Common HVAC Mistakes To Avoid Most homeowners perform DIY fixes when their home heating and cooling units experience minor problems. But think again. Is DIY always a good idea? Well, solving heating and cooling problems can save you from repair costs, but beware of these 5 HVAC mistakes that can cost you big time.
  1. Installing A Programmable Thermostat On Your Own
Do you think that DIY installation of your programmable thermostat can save you money? Well, try to think of the serious damage that can happen. We recommend homeowners to hire professional HVAC technicians because they have proper knowledge and experience in HVAC installation.
  1. Forgetting To Replace Filters
A clogged or dirty filter is one of the common reasons of major HVAC problems. It’s a must to check your HVAC filters once in a while and replace them regularly. As a rule of thumb, filters need to be swapped out every 1 to 3 months.
  1. Ignoring Strange Smell or Noise
If your unit starts producing strange sounds or smells, it could be an indication that there’s something wrong in it. A loud racket might indicate that something is stuck in the unit, which can adversely affect its efficiency. Rotten smells can be caused by dead trapped animals.
  1. Covering The Outdoor Unit
Many homeowners are used to covering their outdoor unit with objects. This is a mistake as it can lead to several problems such as clogging. While it is true that it can be an eye sore, but at least leave some space around the unit.
  1. Not Following Annual Maintenance
We recommend annual maintenance in order to keep your heating and cooling systems in good shape all year round. Enrolling in our HVAC maintenance provides many benefits like extended longevity of your unit, better performance, fewer repairs, and more savings. Avoid these common HVAC mistakes. For more tips and information about heating and cooling, call the experts at A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning.