5 Factors Affecting Furnace Replacement Costs

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5 Factors Affecting Furnace Replacement Cost Your furnace plays an important role in getting you through winter. If it starts to trouble you more than giving you the comfort that you need this cold season, it may be best to replace it. Like all other HVAC units and components, furnaces come in different prices. The most common factors affecting its price are the following:
  1. Brand
It’s an obvious fact that some brands of furnaces are expensive than the others. Some connect it to the quality but some brands simply make higher prices based on how their business goes or how known their company is in the locality. To save you from greater expense over the life of the unit, put lesser focus on the brands than the features and quality of the product.
  1. Size
Larger units are more efficient to use but cost a bit more than smaller ones. Don’t purchase large units thinking it will heat your home fast. Large units are intended for large houses. Meanwhile, don’t replace your units for smaller ones if your home is big. It won’t give you the savings that you imagine. In fact, it might cut a big slice on your budget with expensive repairs and higher energy bill.
  1. Features
Units with more features are more expensive. There are varieties of furnace features that you can choose from. Furnaces with the latest efficiency and space-saving features are expensive upfront but they’ll surely pay for themselves in the long run. They are probably the best investment to take when purchasing a new furnace for your home.
  1. Efficiency
High-tech furnace features have higher efficiency level and more expensive cost. However, the savings that you can get in the long run are commendable. The unit will likely to pay for its own. Do not sacrifice efficiency for the low-priced furnaces. A more-efficient unit is much better in saving power and money throughout its service period.
  1. Installation Cost
After finding the quality furnace product for your home, see to it that the unit is properly mounted. How well your furnace is installed can affect its performance. Professional furnace installation can be an additional expense, but it’s the best way to guarantee that your unit is installed correctly, runs properly, and maintained regularly. Want more tips to properly manage your heating and cooling system? Call the professionals at A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning for help.