5 Major Issues Caused by Clogged and Dirty Air Filters

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5 Major Issues Caused by Clogged and Dirty Air Filters   Dirty air filters can cause serious damage to your HVAC system, comfort, health and overall lifestyle more than what our eyes can see.  If left unattended, they can get clogged and cause more trouble in your Moore, OK home. Check out these five surprising problems caused by dirty air filters.
  1. Unhealthy Air
What can you expect with dirty, clogged air filters? Your HVAC system can make you and everyone in the family sick with a cloud of dirt and dust circulating in your home. You can be at risk of airborne-illnesses and respiratory issues. Mold spores, allergens, dust, and other air contaminants can trigger or worsen existing conditions like asthma. Keep your family safe from sickness by maintaining a clean and well-working air filtration system.
  1. Freezing Evaporator Coils
Do you see layers of ice in your evaporator coils? Obviously, it’s a problem that should not be neglected. It is obvious that it’s a problem. If the air can’t pass freely in the coils, condensation may build up and cause the moisture to freeze like ice. Lack of airflow due to clogged air filters leads to frozen evaporator coils.
  1. Poor Heating or Cooling
Clogged air filters are one of the leading causes of uneven and inadequate heating or cooling in many residential areas in Moore, OK.  With less air passing through your furnace or air conditioning unit, your home might not warm or cool evenly. It can be hard for your HVAC system to meet your desired comfort with clogged filters thus, resulting in cold and hot spots indoors.
  1. High Energy Costs
With clogged air filters, your system has to run longer and harder to heat or cool your home thus, using more energy on the process. As the filters get dustier and dirtier over time, there will be no room for air to reach its destination.  One way to keep your energy bills in check is to ensure a clean filter on all seasons.
  1. Complete HVAC Shut Down
Having a malfunctioned  HVAC system could your worst nightmare in the midst of harsh weather. How does your air filters affect your system’s performance? Unmaintained filters cause internal damage to your heating and cooling system. An overworked air blower might give up entirely, leaving you uncomfortable and messed up. A dirty and clogged air filter is bad for your HVAC system, health, and comfort. Do not wait for the worst thing to happen. Grab your phones and call us at A-Better Heating and Air Conditioning for quality air filter cleaning and replacement services.