5 Tips for End-of-Summer A/C Maintenance

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5 Tips for End-of-Summer A/C Maintenance   Being proactive about end-of-summer A/C maintenance means performing a comprehensive inspection to discover hidden issues and resolve them before they turn into larger problems. As summer is about to bid goodbye, it’s time to take up some A/C maintenance tasks to ensure your system is always ready to go. Here are expert tips to keep your cooling system in great shape for its next use:
Check Your Filters For Clogs and Dirt
Clogged filters will keep airborne contaminants inside your home, making you prone to allergies and illnesses. To maintain the purity of your indoor air, you should be proactive about cleaning the filters or replacing them when necessary. It make cleaner and healthier indoor air, but it also helps save money on your cooling costs.
Clear Out Your Condenser From Obstructions
Throughout summer, your outdoor unit might have accumulated various types of dirt such as dust, leaves, dander, and more. Also, bushes and grass might have grown up around the unit, so you need to clear out the space surrounding the condenser for efficient air circulation. Remove any visible debris and dirt that could obstruct its proper operation.
Examine Your A/C’s Refrigerant Levels
Your air conditioner requires a proper refrigerant level to run efficiently for the next summer months. Call on the professionals to check your A/C’s refrigerant level—they will add more if it’s too low. During the inspection, they’ll look for leaks and fix them on the spot.
Inspect the Condensate Coils & Drain Line
Don’t forget to do a quick check of the coils and condensate drain line. You may use a hose or broom to clean them off. If neglected, they can get clogged which can result in high humidity levels and water damage.
Call for Professional Maintenance
No one does it better than the experts. So when you think of any maintenance jobs, always turn to the people who know the HVAC industry. Seek help from your trusted air conditioning company for all your cooling troubles.
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