5 Useful Tips That Make Post-Holiday and New Year Cleaning Easy

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5 Useful Tips That Make Post-Holiday and New Year Cleaning Easy   From dusty decorations to filthy carpets and food spills, you’ll surely find yourself cleaning all day after the holidays and New Year. But, don’t worry! We’ve compiled simple tips that will make your post-Holiday and New Year cleaning task in your Moore, OK home a lot easier and faster.
Start With Your Fridge!
We bet—your fridge is jam-packed of holiday leftovers! Now that the get-together and parties are over, it’s time to take them all out. Carefully assess them and check if they’re still safe to eat or if you can make a new dish out of these leftovers. After clearing out the fridge of all food items, give it a good clean by wiping the drips and spills from the icebox and drawers to the shelves. You may use warm water with salt and lemon for the best results.
Wrap Each String of Christmas Lights
Don’t simply toss the lights in one corner of the house. Keep them organized by wrapping each string of lights around a paper or cardboard to untangle them easily next year. Get a separate box for the lights and for other Christmas decorations, so they won’t mix altogether.
Take Away the Stains on Carpets & Floors
It’s never a party until someone spills food or drinks on the upholstery, floor, or furniture. If anyone did, remove the spill immediately because it’ll be harder for you if it sits longer on your carpet or any belongings at home. A mild dishwashing liquid mixed in warm water makes an effective cleaning solution, and then let it sit for a few minutes. Blot the sprayed area with a paper towel then, let it air dry.
Eliminate All Trash!
When we say ALL TRASH, it includes old and unused things (shoes, clothes etc.), unwanted gifts, fruit and veggies, gift wrappers, and other things at home. Don’t leave any trace of dirt indoors or outdoors by discarding every piece of rubbish that comes your way!
Give Attention to Your Kitchen!
During the holidays, the kitchen becomes the messiest and dirtiest part of the house. With all the cooking that happened, it might have looked like a disaster. Take out all cooking utensils and equipment that needs cleaning and work on them slowly but surely. Take note of these tips for a spotless home after the Holiday and New Year season. From all of us at A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning we wish you a prosperous and joyful year ahead! Keep in touch with us for your heating and cooling needs in Moore, OK and surrounding areas.