5 Ways to Cut Your Water Heater Energy Costs

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5 Ways to Cut Your Water Heater Energy Costs Saving energy is definitely a challenge for homeowners in Moore, OK especially when water is concerned. But with these expert tips below, you no longer have to worry about your hot water consumption. Read this post for your guide.
  1. Limit Your Use of Hot Water
One effective way to cut your energy costs while using a water heater is to limit its usage. For a typical family with four members, showering in five minutes will consume approximately 700 gallons of water per week. To save on energy bill, you can either reduce the shower time or install a low-flow showerhead, which can cut your hot water consumption by up to 60%.
  1. Always Drain the Tanks
Over time, tanks can collect sediments and other residues, which reduce its productivity. This is why it is necessary to drain the tank to keep it running at peak efficiency. Draining the tank is a simple DIY task, but you can request the experts to do it for you. First, turn off the power button connected to the unit. Then, set the burner to “pilot” mode. On one side of the garden hose, connect the spigot to the base of the tank and the other end at the floor drain. Lastly, lift the pressure-relief valve then turn on the spigot to allow the water to flow.
  1. Set Your Tank’s Thermostat at Low Temperature
Turning down the thermostat can save up to 5% on your bill for every 10 degrees lower. Water heaters that are set at 140 degrees are at risk of burning that is why the Energy Department advises to keep your tank’s thermostat at 120 degrees. Because some thermostats are inaccurate, it is best to measure the temperature of the water.
  1. Seal Cracks and Holes on the Water Pipes
Insulating the pipes is necessary to maximize your savings on energy, effort, and money. For the water to heat up, the pipes need to be well insulated so the warm air will not escape. By upgrading or adding insulation to the water pipes, you can get greater savings on energy.
  1. Insulate the Water Tank
For older tanks, using insulated blanket works on its purpose. It helps save about 9% of your energy bill while newer models of water tanks are designed with R-value, which makes it easier to determine their resistance level to hot temperature. Water tanks with R-value of 24 and above are more energy efficient. Cut your energy costs into half by keeping in mind these tips. We, at A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning are with you in this goal. Contact our experts for more helpful tips.