6 Potential Reasons Why Your Cooling Costs are High

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6 Potential Reasons Why Your Cooling Costs are High   Keeping your Moore, OK home cool can be costly especially if you have your A/C running all day. But if you noticed that your cooling costs are getting too high, your air conditioner may not be the only one causing it. Check out these six (6) factors that contribute to high cooling costs.
  • Worn-Out Filters
Dirty and clogged A/C filters can cause your unit to work harder and longer to cool your home, resulting in higher energy bills. This is why you have to clean and replace them, as indicated in the user’s manual. Make sure they are checked monthly or as necessary.
  • Poor Insulation
You’re wasting energy if the conditioned air is leaking out of your home due to poor insulation.  To keep the cool air inside, your home should be properly insulated in all areas, from the roof to the floor. Use high-quality insulation material for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Stagnant Indoor Air
When the air inside the house is stale and stagnant, it makes you believe that your indoor air feels warmer than it actually is. With this, you’ll turn your thermostat down to a degree or more to get cooler. You can prevent stale air by using ceiling fans, which allow the air to circulate within your home.
  • Old Ductwork
Older ductworks are commonly insulated with plastic wrap which deteriorates over time. Worn-out plastic wrap in the ducts may result in air leaks. Contact a reliable duct specialist to check your ductwork and fix any issue as needed.
  • Air Leaks in Windows and Doors
Over time, the weather stripping and caulking in your doors and windows may develop cracks and leaks. These openings will allow the cool air to exit and warm air to enter, making your home a bit warmer than normal. Add more weather-stripping and caulking on your door and windows for better insulation.
  • Irregular Maintenance
Routine maintenance is essential to keep your cooling system working efficiently. With the help of experts, issues like poor insulation, clogged filters, and damaged A/C parts are dealt with professionally. Be sure to schedule an A/C maintenance service with your trusted air conditioning company in Moore, OK. All these factors may contribute to excessively high cooling bills. If something is off with your energy bills, it’s time for an HVAC inspection. Call us at A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning for quality work. Follow us on our Facebook page for more information.