6 Tips to Get Your A/C System Ready for Spring & Summer

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6 Tips to Get Your A/C System Ready for Spring & Summer March 20th marks the beginning of spring! As, we move from winter chill to the warm weather, it’s time to pay attention to our air conditioning system. Here’s how to get your cooling unit ready for the hot season.

Clean Your Unit

The first thing to do is to clean the unit. Uncover your air conditioner and get rid of dust and debris or anything that may become an issue in the system in the future. The outdoor unit should be free from any hindrances including bushes, leaves, and all sorts of dirt for proper airflow.

Inspect Your A/C Components

Check your air conditioner for proper refrigerant levels. Be sure that the openings are not obstructed. Other items such as the fan blades, fan motor, tubing, control box, compressor, condenser coils, and hoses also need to be checked for wear and tear. These are areas in your A/C unit where problems might occur, so you have to be sure they are all good to go.

Get a New Air Filter

One of the most important things to get started in spring is a clean and new air filter. Your air conditioner may have accumulated more dust and dirt during winter, so you want to ensure that the filters are absolutely clean before the warm season.  Early spring is the best time to change air filters. Refer to your user manual for the right type and size of air filters for your system. Or, ask our experts at A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning.

Inspect and Clean the Ductwork, Vents, and Registers

Just like the air filters, other parts of your air conditioner like ducts, registers, and vents can also become clogged during winter months. This is why, when giving your cooling system a spring cleaning, do not neglect these components. If you do not want to do the dirty handwork, you may schedule a cleaning service with the professionals at A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning..

Test the Thermostat

Turn the thermostat to A/C to ensure its working properly. Testing the device helps you know if it needs reprogramming. Check the batteries (if applicable). Consider a replacement or upgrade if you see fit.

Turn On Your Air Conditioner

Finally! If you are done with the previous tasks, then your system is ready for testing. Turn it on and check the airflow. Leave it on for a few hours then turn off when desired. Do not put off this spring A/C checklist! Call us at A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning for your comfort needs this cooling season.