A/C Repair or Replacement: Which One to Choose?

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A/C Repair or Replacement: Which One to Choose?   If you have had an air conditioning unit bought in the past five years or longer, surely, it has already shown signs of aging by now. As your unit ages, its performance and efficiency lessen, causing your system to malfunction more often. At some point, you will need to figure out if you should repair or replace your air conditioner. That is a tough decision though, so let us help you decide through this post. When to Have Your A/C Repaired While some air conditioning issues are unfixable, there are a vast array of A/C problems that are fairly minor and simple enough to repair. In fact, you may even fix some minor issues yourself at a little to no cost. If your system gets frequent maintenance, then repairs can bring back your unit to its normal operation. But what if the case is different? Is repair still the best choice for a faulty compressor and a worn-out fan motor? When major repairs are required, you will need the help of a professional HVAC technician especially when money is involved. It is necessary for you to get an ample idea of the total repair cost considering the age of your unit. Having your unit repaired would be worthwhile if the cost is lower than the replacement value. When to Have Your A/C Replaced You are fortunate if your air conditioning repair project had been successful, but what if it wasn’t? Is replacing your unit a practical option? There are instances that A/C replacement is more worthy of your investment than spending dimes on repairs with no guarantee. Here are guide questions before deciding to replace your cooling system:
  • How much does the replacement cost? If the cost of repair is higher than the value of a new system, then it is reasonable to replace the unit.
  • How old is your A/C unit? Most air conditioners only live up to 15 years, and if you have one that’s a decade old, its performance will steadily decline over time. While regular maintenance can restore your system, it will only be for a while. Soon, a complete replacement would be necessary.
  • How often does your unit fail? Recurring A/C problems indicate that it is time to invest in a newer and better system.
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