Airflow Problems In My A/C: What Are The Signs and Causes?

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Airflow Problems In My A/C: What Are The Signs and Causes?   Do you know why Oklahoma homeowners get terrified with airflow problems? Like them, you need to realize that airflow issues are something you shouldn’t ignore. Without immediate action, these problems can lead to system failure. Read on to find out the signs and causes of airflow problems in your Moore, OK home.
Signs of Airflow Problems in Your Air Conditioner
When you feel like there’s something off with your indoor air, here are signs you should watch out for:
  • Your A/C releases humid air.
  • The air pressure isn’t balanced.
  • There’s little or no air that passes through the registers.
  • Both hot and cold spots exist in your home, without a consistent temperature level.
Your A/C unit might fail if these issues are not addressed right away. Report these issues with your trusted air conditioning company as early as possible for solutions. Otherwise, you’ll have to replace the entire system and suffer another large investment.
Causes of A/C Airflow Problems
Our experts at A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning have gathered the common causes of airflow problems in your cooling system. Pass on these issues to professionals for an expert diagnosis.
  1. Leaky or Obstructed Duct work
Over time, your duct work may develop holes or cracks, resulting in leakage and reduced airflow. This is why you should have your duct system regularly checked and cleaned by professionals to prevent clogging and leaks.
  1. Clogged Air Filter
Dirt build-up in your air filters can lead to clogging. Obviously, when debris and other junk accumulated in the filters, it will obstruct the air that passes through the system. If it happens, your air conditioner won’t be able to work as efficiently as it should.
  1. Dirty Condenser Coil
With daily exposure to dust, debris, and harsh weather, it is normal for the condenser coils to collect tons of dirt. Be sure to clean the coils regularly to maintain proper airflow and achieve optimal performance of your air conditioning unit.
  1. Out-dated A/C System
Do you feel uncomfortable even when your A/C is turned on? It’s a sign that you need a system upgrade. Out-dated air conditioning units won’t cool your home properly because of worn-out components. If you’re planning to replace your cooling system, talk to an HVAC contractor to discuss your options. For quality airflow solutions, feel free to contact our specialists at A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning. We have a team of experts to solve your comfort needs in Moore, OK.