Attic Insulation Tips to Minimize Attic Energy Loss

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Attic Insulation Tips to Minimize Attic Energy Loss   A house that is well insulated is a comfortable and energy-efficient home. But, where should you add insulation? One of the important areas of the house that require proper insulation is the attic. The U.S. Department of Energy stated that attic insulation improvements along with a properly maintained HVAC system could cut your energy costs by up to 50%. Before thinking about adding or improving your attic insulation, you will have to read this! Professional Tips for Attic Insulation Air leaks in residential spaces may result in poor heating and cooling and air quality problems. This is why you need to seal air leaks before adding insulation in certain areas of the house like the attic. Other factors include the type of insulation material to use and ventilation levels. Here are expert insulation tips for your attic.
  • Install foam gaskets on the switch plates and outlets
  • Invest in energy-efficient windows.
  • Check for mold and leaks before insulating your house flashing. Speak with your trusted contractor to eliminate the mold and seal the leaks.
  • Use weather stripping and caulk as insulation around the windows and doors. Follow your user’s manual for the instruction.
  • Inspect the back part of your attic knee walls for possible gaps and leaks. Use an expandable foam spray to seal off the gaps and cavities. Use caulk to cover the leaks around your ducting, plumbing, and electrical wiring.
  • Replace worn-out weather stripping on your attic hatch door.
What part of the attic should you add insulation? Is your attic unfinished? If yes, then you should insulate the portion between and above the floor joints. For attics with HVAC system installed, insulating the rafters is necessary. Insulate the access door and all knee walls. Do you need more insulation in the attic? The only way to tell whether you need to add more attic insulation or not is through the help of your HVAC contractor. Basically, it depends on the depth of the current insulation and your location. We highly recommend that you talk to the experts to determine whether you have enough or insufficient attic insulation. This way, you will know the problem and what needs to be done. For your insulation concerns and needs, contact our HVAC specialists at A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning. We are more than glad to serve your needs in Moore, OK. Call us to schedule an appointment today!