Commercial HVAC Spring Tips for Healthy and Productive Workers

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Commercial HVAC Spring Tips for Healthy and Productive Workers   Spring calls for both new opportunities and possible problems. After the long and cold winter months, you will start to notice trees growing, grass budding and all those beautiful flowers start to blossom. But here is the problem; pollen can be anywhere now, ready to bring all the sneezing, coughing, and itching to anyone near it. What is even worse, your employees may be bringing these particles in and out of the workplace. This scenario is inevitable, but can we do something about it? Of course! Check out these commercial HVAC spring tips from the pros. Check the landscaping. When employees open the windows and doors to get a dose of fresh air, pollen of nearby plants will find their way inside and circulate with the air. To prevent this from irritating your allergy-prone employees, try to re-evaluate the nearest exterior landscaping. This will at least save them from getting a huge pile of pollen whenever they walk in and out of the office. Keep your HVAC system maintained. Your HVAC system plays an important role in keeping your business running. You rely on it for the comfort of the potential clients and your employees most importantly. When spring allergens are brought inside the office, it circulates with the air and can reach even the furthest corner of the room. While some of the pollen is already in the nostrils and lungs of the occupants, others have gone their way to your HVAC system.

Replace air filters. Some of the pollen and dust that circulate with the air pass through and are trapped by air filters. However, these particles can build up over time and block the proper flow of air. As results, these dirt and allergy-causing particles are circulated again, and your system will be prone to overheating and early breakdown due to too much stress placed on it.

Clean air ducts. The pollen and dirt mixed with the air find their way to the air duct and eventually accumulates there. This can become great barrier to the air flow. It is important to hire a professional HVAC technician to clean the air ducts properly to get rid of hidden problems.

Evaluate indoor air quality. When sever absenteeism is noticeable in the office, it is time to schedule a professional indoor air quality monitoring test. When your employees are dropping like flies, there can be bigger issues on your indoor air other than allergies such as high level of dangerous gases and chemical. Spring is the best time to check and upgrade the air inside your workplace. If you operate your own business, be sure to schedule spring maintenance to keep your workplace healthy and your workers productive.