Cool Ways to Get Your Home Sparkling Clean this Christmas

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Cool Ways to Get Your Home Sparkling Clean this Christmas   With your relatives and friends coming over to your home this holiday season, it’s time to show off how neat and tidy your home looks. Check out these tips from A-Better Heating and Air Conditioning for a sparkling clean home this Christmas. Treat Your Carpets Through time, your carpets deal with dreadful amounts of dust and dirt. Especially in winter, it’s important to keep them clean and hygienic as mold may get into it. To avoid smells and allergies this holiday season, make sure to treat your carpets with a deep clean service. Vacuum all surfaces and leave no trace of dirt in every corner. De-clutter! Get all your things sorted as soon as possible. This way, your home won’t look stuffed like there’s no more space for visitors and Christmas gifts that you may receive. So, where should you start de-cluttering? Discard old, broken, and any unused items like toys, decorations, kitchen stuff, appliances, old clothes, shoes, etc. Focus on Your Kitchen As you prepare meals for the family and guests, your kitchen can get super messy. Make sure your kitchen is ready for Christmas by organizing and clearing off the area. Clean all counters, wipe out the microwave, and all cooking equipment, take inventory of all ingredients needed, and put them in one place. Also, set up the dining area with scented candles and flowers to give it a fresher look. Invest in New HVAC Air Filters A house with clean air filters is a clean home. While you’re on a cleaning spree, don’t forget to change your filters to keep the entire house dust and allergen-free.  Take note that the cleaner the air filter, the cleaner and healthier your home can be. Don’t let cleaning and de-cluttering eat up all your Christmas preparation time. Follow these tips so you know where to start. Want more home preparation and HVAC tips us? Feel free to call us at A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning today! We’re happy to help you keep your Moore, OK home in its best shape. Have a Joyful Christmas!