Do Heat Pumps Work in Cold Climates?

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Do Heat Pumps Work in Cold Climates?   You may ask, “Can a heat pump warm my home even if it is frosting outside?” Even if the weather in Moore, OK drops to 20 degrees, your heat pump will not stop working. You can use it efficiently in both hot and cold seasons. Rest your mind and read on to learn more about how heat pumps work in the coldest months of the year.
How Heat Pumps Work in the Cold Weather
Today, heat pumps are considered one of the most economical alternatives to traditional heating methods. A heat pump absorbs and releases heat through the refrigerant wherein the gas is either pressurized to warm up or depressurized to cool down. It emits a lesser amount of harmful gasses, making it an eco-friendly choice to warm up your home. Along with its popularity are many questions about its uses and tolerance to different weather conditions. One truth about heat pumps is that they actually lose or reduce capacity when outdoor temperatures get colder than normal. They are hardly able to soak up sufficient heat to warm your space if the temperature outside gets too low. The question is – how do they manage to keep up with the cold weather while supplying heat to your homes? They simply switch their function automatically to “backup” or “supplemental” heating so you will stay warm and comfortable inside regardless of the weather outdoors.
What is Supplemental/Backup Heating?
During the cold months, it takes a lot of time and energy to extract heat from the cold air. The only thing that heat pumps can do is to use the supplemental energy to make your home comfortable. A backup or supplemental heat can come from burnt oil, gas or electricity.
Which Heat Pump Works the Best for Cold Temperature?
A geothermal heat pump is the best to use for the winter season. Why? The heat it releases comes from the underground which means it has a constant and sufficient supply of heated air no matter what the temperature is. Piping a geothermal heat pump requires massive deepness to protect the pipes from freezing. The natural warmth provided by the ground can keep the pipes from the cold weather.
Got Questions About Your Heat Pump?
Heat pumps are designed to work on all weather conditions. If you are still in doubt, then it is best to consult the professionals. Ask our experts at A-Better Heating and Air Conditioning today to know if a heat pump is right for your Moore, OK home. Call or send us a message to discuss your heating needs.