Electric Fireplaces Complete Buying Guide

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Electric Fireplaces Complete Buying Guide   Looking for an electric fireplace for your home? With several options on the market, choosing the best model of an electric fireplace can be tedious. Do not fret because we have got you covered. Our experts at A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning have prepared a comprehensive buying guide for electric fireplaces. Read to learn! Types Electric fireplaces are available in four types namely the wall-mount, media consoles, fireplace inserts, and electric stoves. Each differs on the installation process. Some are portable while others require a specific location to install such as in the wall or corner. Choose the type of electric fireplace that suits best for your space. Style, Design, and Finishes Do you prefer a traditional or modern look of the fireplace? There are various designs and styles like rustic, old-fashioned and contemporary fireplaces. Some models are available in minimalist design features and traditional designs that surely match your home. Size and Voltage Capacity The standard model of electric fireplace operates at 120-volt plug. Commonly, these plugs are grounded for extra protection against electrical issues and fire hazards. Those with low and high heat settings come in 750 to 1500 watts which are suitable for spaces with more or less than 400 square feet. Models with higher voltage capacity apply to larger spaces such as basements, living rooms, and offices. Larger models of electric fireplaces might require higher voltages. Confirm with your HVAC contractor if your fireplace is compatible with your residential or commercial space. Advanced Features Modern electric fireplaces come in multiple energy-efficient and convenience features that you will surely like. Most manufacturers offer advanced features for fireplaces including flame-speed control, digital controls, brightness control, flame-only operation, self-trimming firebox and more. If you want the best comfort for your space this fall and winter, buying an electric fireplace with these features is a plus! Safety and Eco-Friendly Features If you plan to purchase the fireplace, you should also consider some eco-friendly and safety features to keep yourself safe from fire hazards. Check for CSA certification on the unit. Also, make sure that it does not emit any hazardous chemical that can pose danger to your health. Not sure about which electric fireplace to buy? Consult our complete buying guide for tips. Or best, contact our experts at A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning. We can help make your indoor space more comfortable than ever!