Five Easy Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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Five Easy Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality   Your home can be a breeding ground for air pollutants which can cause health complications to you and your family. Everything inside your house from furniture, cleaners, combustion devices to fragrances are culprits of poor indoor air quality. If you are thinking of how to make your indoor air better, cleaner and healthier, follow these easy and simple rules.
  1. Pick All-Natural Products
When buying home supplies such as cleaning and personal care products, go for brands made from organic and all-natural components. Pick those brands with a GreenStar label or those that do not include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as chlorine, ammonia, lye, and bleach on their formulation. Always check the label of the brand before buying.
  1. Purify Your Air With Healthy Houseplants
According to a study conducted by NASA, some plants that are good at absorbing harmful chemicals are found inside the house. Plants like Bamboo Palm, Red-Edged Dracaena, and Peace Lily are only a few of the many indoor plants that can purify your air while pumping out garden-fresh oxygen. Get one for your home today.
  1. Ventilate Your Home
Proper airflow is crucial to maintaining quality and healthy indoor air. Ventilating your home through open doors and windows is one way to rejuvenate the interior air without spending any amount of money. You may also invest in energy or heat recovery ventilator to eliminate stagnant and stale indoor air.
  1. Replace/Clean Your Air Filters Regularly
Maintaining clean air filters can help improve the air indoors. Air filters are designed to remove impurities and sanitize the air. But if it does the opposite, it needs to be cleaned or replaced. Keep them spotless to avoid the negative consequences of dirty air filters.
  1. Schedule an Air Quality Test
Haven’t done an air quality test for your home? Now is the time to consult your HVAC contractor about it. Over time, air contaminants may linger in the corners of your house, making it unsafe for your health. An air quality assessment is an expert way to identify the main source of toxins and other air pollutants. The highest quality of indoor air lies in your hands. Do these simple and expert tips from A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning to keep a healthy air in your abode. Let our specialists do an air quality test to solve your indoor air problems. Call us today for help.