You surely want to stay comfortable at home all day long this summer season. Precondition your A/C unit to feel cool even when the temperature outside is constantly rising. Follow these smart tips to get your cooling unit 100% ready for spring and summer. Schedule a Maintenance Check Up On sweltering summer days, you will need to crank up your air conditioner on full operation. Thus, it has to be ready for any mechanical problems any time today. Mark your calendar for an A/C tune up only from professionals to avoid minor problems from turning to bigger ones. Replace Filters Dirty air filters can cause your system to run inefficiently. Changing your filters ensures your A/C to work in optimal performance. Check and replace air filters regularly to prevent the damages caused by clogged filtration system. Set Thermostat at Stable Temperature Set your A/C at a temperature that you are most comfortable with. A programmable thermostat can help you stabilize and distribute cool air evenly throughout the house. Keep Your Outdoor Clear of Hindrances Before summer days hit you hard, go outside and clear outdoor unit from debris, bushes, branches and other hindrances. Do not let them get as near as 2 feet to your unit. For proper operation, the area around your outdoor unit should be thoroughly clean. Consider a System Upgrade/Replacement An older unit may not give the level of comfort you need hence, getting a new A/C is a sure escape. Modern air conditioners are made with enhanced features for greater savings on energy and utility bills. Hire only the professionals to ensure proper installation. Dry Run Your A/C Test your air conditioner and run it the entire day. Check if cool air is coming out of its registers. Allow it to run on full blast to know if it can keep up with the heat this summer. Check Your Pipe Insulation for Any Damage The suction or pipe line helps in supplying cool air back to your system’s compressor. Broken, damaged or leaking pipe causes conditioned air and energy to lose in grave amounts. Insulation must be intact to maintain your cooling system from working at its maximum efficiency. Get a professional air conditioner proofing before time runs out! Connect with our experts at A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning today for more advice.

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