How Your Air Conditioner Helps Your Health and Well Being

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How Your Air Conditioner Helps Your Health and Well Being   Did you know that an efficient air conditioning system can make a big difference to your health? An A/C unit that adequately controls your home’s temperature can create a healthy indoor environment. It eliminates microscopic pollutants that pose risks to your health. Find out these surprising health benefits offered by your air conditioner. Say Goodbye To:
  • Fumes and Odors
Unpleasant odor, stale fumes and other suffocating gases inside the house have serious effects on our health. These are indications of poor indoor air quality. Experts say that bad smells also indicates the presence of chemically active particles or air contaminants at home. While they are not fatal, they have a grave impact on your respiration. But, running your A/C unit eliminates most of these fumes and odors with the right air filtration process.
  • Unregulated Humidity
Based on studies, indoor humidity levels exceeding 50% can potentially trigger asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Humid air tends to get heavier as it mixes with other gases thus, making it harder for you to breathe. This is when it is necessary to have a properly functioning cooling unit in your living space.
  • Airborne Contaminants
In an enclosed environment like your home, airborne particles might hardly circulate and can be trapped. This can cause health issues like rhinitis, asthma and other respiratory conditions. An air conditioning system helps by removing all kinds of contaminants in the air such as dust mites and pollen thus, increasing your air quality in your living space. Say Hello To:
  • Better Sleep
Air conditioners are designed to offer comfort, especially during summertime. By setting it at the right temperature at night, you will surely get better sleep.
  • Improved Immune System
Our body’s resistance reduces as we try to work in a hot environment making us vulnerable to infections and sickness. But, with an A/C unit at home, you are always in check of illness-spreading germs. It limits the growth of microbes and bacteria that can put your health in jeopardy.
  • Healthier Home
As air circulates inside the house, your air conditioner works on filtering every particle that goes with it. Illness-causing air pollutants are pulled through the ductwork and blown outside. This creates a better indoor air quality. To enjoy all these benefits, your air conditioning unit must be at its peak working condition. Contact us at A-Better Heating and Air Conditioning for preventive maintenance on your unit for a healthier home throughout the year.