How Your Furnace Prevents You From Getting the Best Sleep

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How Your Furnace Prevents You From Getting the Best Sleep Can you achieve your best sleep if the temperature inside your home is not right? Definitely not! It is frustrating when all you need is enough sleep after a long tiring day, but your furnace does not provide the comfort you want. How does your furnace prevent you from getting the quality of sleep you need? Read on to know! Based on a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, a typical bedroom setting should be around 65 degrees in temperature for a restful sleep. Other studies also confirmed that some people experience insomnia due to improper regulation of indoor temperature which affects the human body. If your furnace is not set at the right temperature that your body needs, it could cause those annoying restless nights that leave you turning and tossing in the bed. When you do not get the best sleep, your furnace might be the culprit. We, at A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning, want to help you achieve the level of comfort at home these cold months. Whether you are using a ducted gas heater or a furnace, we have the right solutions to keep you warm while giving you the best sleep. Ways to Achieve the Best Sleep This Winter How can we help you sleep better? Simple! It’s by keeping your furnace at the best condition and efficiency. Without proper inspection and maintenance, your furnace could cause discomfort during sleep. If something is wrong with your heating system, we can help you find the cause and provide solutions. Even if your furnace looks fine, there can be small glitches that linger in your system. If not given immediate actions, these minor issues could lead to larger problems in the future. To attain the right amount of sleep that your body requires, your furnace needs to operate at optimal temperature. If it does, it can combat insomnia, reduce depression and stress, enhance your metabolism and keep you comfortable throughout the season. Furnace Tune-up and Maintenance in Artesia, NM Regular furnace maintenance is essential to keep your home temperature in a quality shape. If you are having sleep issues, we can help you go back into circulation. A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning offers reliable and quality heating and cooling services that can improve your indoor comfort for all seasons. For questions and inquiries, do not hesitate to give us a call at your most convenient time.