Most Common Winter HVAC Problems

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Most Common Winter HVAC Problems   The temperatures dip in Moore and South Oklahoma City and the cold weather puts more stress on heating systems. If your furnace is not working properly, there are several problems to look into. Here are the common HVAC winter problems experienced by homeowners in Moore. Airflow Problems If you notice that your rooms are not heating evenly, put the blame on airflow issues. Reduced airflow can be attributed to several factors such as dust or debris in your unit or a broken fan motor or blocked fan. Be sure to keep all vents open and that there are no leaks around your windows or exterior doors. Broken Thermostat A broken thermostat can be caused by a faulty wiring or broken parts. Since the thermostat can not read the temperature in your home accurately, the room temperatures tend to plummet even when there is nothing wrong with the unit itself. Try to adjust the setting and check if the temperature adjusts accordingly. Otherwise, you may need to consult a qualified technician to check your thermostat. Cycling Heat This problem usually happens when your furnace frequently clicks on and off. When your unit cycles too rapidly, it can lead to early wear and tear on the parts and can also cause your bills to skyrocket. Often, a clogged air filter or broken thermostat is the culprit. Strange Noises If you start hearing strange noises coming from your unit, it could be an indication that there is something wrong with your unit. Chances are the fan belts are loose or worn out. You can diagnose these problems by yourself, or better yet, call a professional to diagnose and make the necessary repair. Contact the professionals at A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning if we can be of any help with your heating and cooling needs. We are glad to provide a quote or recommendation on installation or service repair.