Obstacles to Air Balancing Residential HVAC Systems

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Obstacles to Air Balancing Residential HVAC Systems   Air balancing means supplying the right amount of either hot or cold air to every room. Can your HVAC system achieve proper air balance? If not, you should know the reason. Check out these challenges to achieving air balance on residential HVAC systems.

Absence of Balancing Dampers

Branch ducts require balancing dampers to help technicians adjust the airflow easily. Without this accessory, they will have a hard time balancing the flow of air to every register in the house. Older duct systems have balancing dampers as part of the installation. Modern HVAC systems lack dampers because they are intentionally removed to cut down the installation cost. When dampers are missing, some installers opt to use registers for balancing air.

Leakage in the Ducts

The air should make its way to the registers by all means. But with leaky ducts, airflow is reduced which leads to air shortage. For technicians who are trying to balance the air in a residential HVAC system, duct leakage is a real challenge. To control the airflow, you need to seal or contain it. For a successful air balancing task, make sure to seal your ductwork with the right, quality materials properly.

Restrictive Coils and Filters

Majority of air balancers encounter issues with modern coils. Newer coils often have thicker fins and slabs per inch compared to traditional counterparts. As a consequence, airflow in the coils become restricted. With this, your HVAC system receives less than half of the amount of the air required. The problem is the same with incorrectly-sized filters. Any installer knows the difficulty of fitting too small filters to a large blower. See to it that your filters are adequately sized to allow proper airflow.

Blower Issues

Today, most blowers come with a fan speed in a default setting. Unfortunately, the default state might not match your system’s airflow needs. Setting up a blower’s fan speed must be based on the required amount of airflow of your heating or cooling system. Residential fan systems should work sufficiently to move the needed amount of airflow in your HVAC equipment. With this, you need an experienced HVAC contractor who completely knows and understands air balancing with a problematic blower. Having trouble with air balancing in your residential HVAC system? A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning has a team of experts who can help you deal with it. Don’t hesitate to call or send us a message for your needs.