Summer Energy Myths That Can Drive Up Your Cooling Costs

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Summer Energy Myths That Can Drive Up Your Cooling Costs The summer heat can quickly drive up your energy bills, but not when your Moore, OK home is energy efficient.  While some practices in energy efficiency are valid and true, others are false beliefs that add up to your energy costs. Check out these summer energy myths that might be affecting your home.

Setting the Thermostat Very Low to Cool Your Home Faster

Turning your thermostat to the lowest setting won’t cool the house faster just like what you think. Even high-efficiency air conditioners with variable-speed blower won’t speed up the cooling process. You’re wasting a significant amount of energy and money if you keep on doing this.

Closing the Vents in Unused Rooms Boosts Cooling in Other Rooms

Definitely wrong! Shutting your vents and registers in unused rooms can actually drive up your energy bills. Doing this also leads to other problems like air leaks because the pressure inside the ducts and A/C changes if the vent’s openings are closed. Your air conditioner will constantly work without the air getting into the area it is needed. As you shut all the vents, it is harder for your cooling system to push the air out.

Turning Off the A/C When You’re Not at Home

This isn’t the best way to save on cooling costs! Shutting down the A/C just makes it harder and longer for your unit to cool the house. It will have to use more energy to get your home back to its comfortable temperature. The best way to save energy when you’re away from home is by using a programmable thermostat.

Running the Air Conditioner All Day is The Only Way to Stay Cool

Absolutely not! This only leaves you a heap of energy bills at the end of the month. There are other ways to keep your cool in hotter months like wearing summer-light clothing, using whole-house or portable fans, and window treatments. Don’t rely on your A/C alone to cool off this summer.

Leave Your Ceiling Fans On to Cool Unoccupied Room

Unfortunately, ceiling fans don’t affect room temperatures even a bit. In fact, it cools not the room but the people in it. So, running the ceiling in an empty space is a complete waste of energy. It’s best to shut them off when you’re not using them. Don’t be fooled by these energy-saving myths! If you have any questions about saving energy or keeping your A/C system as efficient as possible, kindly call our experts at A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning. We serve both residential and commercial spaces in Moore, OK, and nearby areas.