Summer Energy Saving Tips for Your Budget

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Summer Energy Saving Tips for Your Budget   Thinking of ways on how to lower your energy bills this summer can be daunting. But mind you, there are countless actions you can do to cut half of your bill when the heat is at its peak. This summer, try these simple and inexpensive energy-saving tips from A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning. Use Your Windows for Natural Ventilation
  • Close your blinds and windows during daytime but leave them open at night. Turn off your air conditioning system to allow natural air to cool your room while you are sleeping.
  • Put dark-colored coverings on the window to increase energy efficiency and prevent heat gain.
  • Learn about window treatments.
Energy-Efficient Lightings (Save Up to 80% of Your Lighting Costs)
  • Replace your current lighting fixtures with LED lightings to lower your energy cost.
  • Look for energy-efficient lighting options as an alternative replacement for your traditional bulbs. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are your best choices which emit less heat.
Proper System Care and Maintenance
  • Summer means using your cooling system all day to keep your home cool and comfortable. But, it also means getting a higher electric bill throughout the summer months. If you want to control your energy bills, schedule a regular servicing and maintenance for your cooling system.
  • Ask advice from your system’s manufacturer regarding the right operation and maintenance of your cooling equipment. Proper maintenance helps your system to perform efficiently as it should.
  • Do not place any appliances including TV sets near your air conditioner or thermostat. Air conditioners can easily sense the heat emitted from these appliances which cause them to run harder and longer than normal.
  • Remove dust buildup on the vents and registers to allow proper air flow and efficient performance on your system.
  • Place furniture and all other large objects a certain distance from the registers to prevent obstructed airflow.
Solar Lighting
  • Installing solar lighting is a great way to save energy while taking advantage of the sun’s heat. Not only is it maintenance-free, but it is also easy to install.
Ceiling Fans
  • Lower your air conditioning costs by using your ceiling fans instead of your A/C unit. You will pay lesser on your energy consumption.
Keeping your living space comfortable these summer months does not have to be expensive. A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning can help you save dollars on your electric costs with more tips. Contact our experts today!