If you think that mold only thrives during cold months, you are wrong! Mold can also be one of your unwanted guests this summer season. Some strains of mold require the warm temperature to develop, and you might have some in your home right now.

Stop mold before it causes a threat to your home and property with these tips.

1.       Keep a Clean Indoor Environment

Regular cleaning can do wonders for your home. It prevents the risk of illnesses and mold formation. Your home has blind spots and surfaces where moisture can grow without your notice. Thus, with regular cleaning, you can stop mold growth in these areas that are beyond reach by your HVAC system.

2.       Control Your Home’s Temperature

Mold grows at an ideal temperature around 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. But during summer, the temperature can be higher than normal. What to do? Make the best effort in keeping your indoor temperature lower if possible throughout the warm months. Setting your thermostat at 70 degrees or lower makes it harder for mold to thrive. Always pay attention to your home’s temperature even when you are away to leave no room for mold.

3.       Manage Your Indoor Humidity

One of the causes of mold buildup is moisture. Thus, humidity is something that you should keep an eye on. When your indoor humidity is high especially during warm months, it’s the best breeding ground for mold. It will take advantage of the excessive moisture present in your home. Here’s how you can control humidity.

·         Repair leaks in the roof or pipes.

·         Always check for moisture or condensation in the ducts.

·         Close the door or windows when it rains.

·         Open your bathroom window when taking a shower.

·         Keep your kitchen windows or exhaust open when cooking.

·         Clean up water or any liquid spills quickly.

4.       Allow Proper Air Circulation

Make sure that the air circulates properly if your air conditioning unit runs all day. Stagnant air best serves mold and keeps it growing abundantly. To prevent the scary threats of mold in your home, always keep your vents open. Also, do not forget to maintain your HVAC system regularly for best results.

Prevent premature damage to your home because of mold by doing these simple and easy tips. We at A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning go with you on your battle with mold. Contact us for expert help today!

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