The Dangers of DIY A/C Repair

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The Dangers of DIY A/C Repair

When your air conditioner starts developing issues, it can be inviting to repair it by yourself, especially if it’s as simple as replacing the filter or flipping the breaker. However, when things get more complicated, it can be risky to do DIY repairs. Beware of the following dangers of fixing your A/C by yourself.

It takes too much time

If you try to fix your faulty unit on your own, you will realize that the amount of time needed to complete the job is not worth it. Just like learning a new skill, learning to repair your air conditioner is associated with a learning curve. The better option is to hire a professional air conditioning repair contractor who can complete the job in less than half the time it would take you to do it yourself.

It could lead to permanent system damage

Just because you have read a lot of books about HVAC and watched different AC repair tutorials on YouTube does not guarantee that you can fix the unit without causing any issues. There’s so much to learn about HVAC, and most homeowners wind up damaging their AC unit permanently when they decided to do the job on their own. Don’t risk permanent damage of your unit by fixing it yourself.

A certified A/C technician has the necessary experience and expertise when it comes to repairing any types, makes, and models of air conditioners. Bring in a professional to ensure an efficient repair job.

It could destroy the warranty

If you are dealing with an A/C issue, it can be settled for free. Thanks to your manufacturer’s warranty. And it does not mean that you have to fix it yourself. If you open up the unit and start to mess around, it can void the warranty. Instead of taking the risk by trying to fix the problem on your own, you’re way better hiring a professional HVAC repairman to complete the job at a reasonable price.

It could lead to electrocution

Repairing your A/C can be extremely risky, especially if you lack the know-how and experience about the correct way to do the job. The risk of electrocution is high if you don’t follow proper precautions when repairing the equipment. Electrocution can be fatal in most cases. Don’t take chances. It’s best to bring in a professional AC contractor to ensure your safety.

It could pose a fire hazard

DIY A/C repair can lead to an electrical fire—another reason why you should never attempt to fix your unit by yourself. Improper wiring can lead to fire, putting you and your loved ones at risk. Having said this, it is always a safe choice to leave the repair job to an experienced HVAC professional.

When it comes to your heating and cooling, it’s best to bring in a professional contractor. DIY repair jobs can lead to voided warranties, permanent unit damage, and compromised comfort and safety. Call us at A-Better Heating & Cooling today