The Right Thermostat Setting in Winter That Saves Money

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The Right Thermostat Setting in Winter That Saves Money   Want to make your home cozy these cold months without sacrificing your wallet? Cutting your energy bills while running your furnace or space heater is possible with the right thermostat setting. Continue reading to learn more! Daytime Thermostat Setting  The ideal indoor temperature during the daytime this winter is between 68 to 72 degrees. Setting your thermostat higher than the recommended temperature is like tossing money out your wallet. The U.S Department of Energy stated that thermostats work best during winter with this setting. This is true especially when everyone’s at home no matter how many you are in the family. Just keep your thermostat at this number so you won’t have to pull thousands of dollars from your bank to pay your utility bills. Nighttime or When You’re Away At what temperature should you set your thermostat when you’re out of the house or before bedtime? While keeping your home warm indoors offers great comfort, it also helps save money to make some changes to the temperature setting when you’re away or off to somewhere. Set your thermostat by 58 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit before leaving home or before going to bed. This can save as much as 15% on your heating expenses on a monthly basis. Other Things to Do to Save Energy With Your Thermostat Invest in Smart Thermostat Manually operating your thermostat can be daunting especially for big houses. You will have to put extra time and effort to change the temperature every now and then. But with a smart thermostat, setting the temperature is a lot quicker and easier in just a tap or click on your mobile device. You can set varying temperatures in a day without sacrificing dollars on your energy costs. Energy-Saving Heating Appliances Another way to cut down your heating costs is by purchasing energy efficient appliances. Older heaters, furnaces and other heating systems take longer to warm up your space. Also, they use energy longer than they should. If your old heating appliance seems to be working inefficiently, maybe it’s time for a change.  Invest in a newer system with energy-saving features for greater comfort and efficiency. Right Thermostat Setting? Take It From The Experts! A-Better Heat and Air Conditioning can help you maximize your heating at home. For the right thermostat setting in your home in Moore, OK, contact our experts.