Think Your Furnace Motor is Overheating? Check Out These Signs!

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Think Your Furnace Motor is Overheating? Check Out These Signs!   Have you noticed some odd sounds from your furnace? Does it turn off when it shouldn’t? Do you feel cold even when your furnace is on? All of these scenarios could be attributed to an overheating furnace motor. While this issue is fairly common among Moore, OK homeowners, knowing the signs can help you deal with the problem in the future. Here are evident signs of an overheated furnace motor.

A Burning Smell

This isn’t the odor that you often notice when you first turn on your furnace from a long break during the summer. The burning smell from the vents is a signal that your furnace motor might be overheating. Sooner or later, your furnace may completely shut down, if not inspected and repaired immediately.

Loud Unusual Noises

If you suspect overheating in your furnace motor, you’ll notice loud humming noises and other odd sounds. The noise is commonly due to some issues in the motor like clogging and loose components. Basically, if the motor is working harder than necessary, it will generate excessive heat that could lead to overheating. You have to know if there’s something that prevents it from functioning properly, a professional inspection is required.

Furnace Consistently Cycles Off

Furnaces have built-in safety controls that automatically shut off when they perceive danger like overheating. Therefore, if your system gets too hot, the motor will shut off—then you’ll have to turn it on again. If this scenario happens regularly, then it’s certain that you’re dealing with an overheating motor.

Cold Spots at Home

Once the air is heated, the motor turns on the fan to circulate the warm air in your home. But when the motor overheats, it won’t work properly as designed. Thus, the warm air won’t be circulated evenly in your house—resulting in cold spots. Dealing with cold spots during winter is never a good thing. This is why you have to consult a heating specialist to help you handle this issue. Overheating on the furnace motor isn’t just an inconvenience, but a life-threatening hazard at the same time. If your furnace motor is overheating, you’ll definitely know by paying attention to these signs. Call us at A-Better Heat & Air Conditioning for a furnace motor inspection, repair, or replacement—if necessary. Don’t wait for tomorrow! Once you notice these signs, quickly give us a call. We’ll make sure your furnace is running properly throughout the winter.