Why Your A/C Not Cooling Your Moore, OK Business

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Why Your A/C Not Cooling Your Moore, OK Business

Your commercial space should stay comfortable when Moore’s oppressive summer hits. With a failing A/C, you may receive increased employee and customer complaints. Worst, it could also be the reason for business closure. Pay more attention to your equipment and understand the factors that could affect the comfort in your space.

Here’s why your air conditioning system isn’t cooling your Moore, OK business.

System Is Poorly Designed

Your air conditioner should complement with the current design of your building. If your system is not cooling your space effectively, then you may more likely need some design modifications or system replacement. Call the A/C pros in Moore, OK for a load calculation, and proper unit sizing.

Lack of Repair and Maintenance

Your air conditioner in Moore, OK has parts that can be prone to wear and tear if not maintained properly. For this reason, you need to ensure that those parts regularly receive a dose of TLC through professional repair and maintenance. Otherwise, your system won’t work at its best, and your building will stay less comfortable.

Clogged Ductwork

Your ductwork can accumulate too much dust and debris, impeding proper airflow that is supposed to go through your workstation. If this is the reason why your cooling system in Moore, OK fails to provide enough comfort, then investing in duct inspection and cleaning can definitely bring relief.

Leakage In Your Structure

This problem commonly happens when you have an older building. Your structure’s life and its exposure to harsh weather and harmful elements make it more vulnerable to damages. Cracks and holes present in your building allow the conditioned air to leak out, increasing your energy consumption and making your space less comfortable.

Obstructed Airflow

For your A/C to run and cool down your building properly, it needs to allow a good amount of airflow from the system. However, if the outdoor unit is covered with leaves, dirt, and debris, then the proper airflow can be restricted, and the system can’t release cold air in your space. Be sure to check your outdoor unit and remove the blockages near it.

Too Much Heat from Indoor Electronics and Appliances

Everything inside your building that generates heat can increase your air conditioning system’s load. Light bulbs, electronic devices, and appliances can add an extra layer of heat on the surface. So if you notice your A/C isn’t cooling your space enough, try turning off some lights, electronics, and appliances when not in use.

Your employees should have a comfortable working environment to increase productivity and uplift the mood. If you are positive your office is having cooling issues, then don’t hesitate to call the A/C pros of A-Better Heat & Air Conditioning for quick and dependable A/C repair. We serve Moore, OK and the surrounding areas.

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