Wintertime Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Moore, OK

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Wintertime Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Moore, OK   Quite shockingly, but the truth is your indoor air can be up to five (5) times more polluted than the outdoors. In the cold season, this number may get even bigger, making your indoor air unbearable and harder to breathe. Luckily, there are ways to minimize the growth of harmful allergens and airborne contaminants in wintertime. Boost your home’s indoor air quality with these easy tips from A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning.
Get New Air Filters!
Having a clean and healthy indoor air has something to do with your air filters. The cleaner they are, the better they work in purifying and removing harmful particles in the air. With various elements like dust, dirt, pet hair, and mold that accumulate in your filter, it’s necessary to replace it routinely or as often as needed. Changing your filter ensures a well-working heating system and a safer indoor environment.
Have Your Ducts Cleaned!
Duct cleaning is equally as important as replacing your air filter. As dirt mounts up in the ducts, you and your family can be prone to different health problems. Make sure to schedule a professional duct cleaning service to ensure quality results. If you want thoroughly-cleaned ductwork, take it from us.
Add a Humidifier to Your Comfort System
If you haven’t got a humidifier for your Moore, OK home, now is the time! Whatever the season, using an air humidifier is a smart way of dealing with mold, bacteria, and other air contaminants. Especially this cold season, too much moisture can promote the growth of mold that can affect your health and comfort at home. Investing in a high-performance humidifier can control and minimize its growth and prevent possible health risks.
Consider Carbon Monoxide Testing
You can be at risk of CO poisoning indoors without your notice. Cleaning materials, radon, lead, and other volatile chemicals are contributors to indoor air pollution. With this, be sure to schedule a carbon monoxide testing in your Moore, OK home to prevent exposure to this dangerous, odorless gas.
Clean Up Your Space 
Make it a habit to vacuum your floors and carpet regularly. It will keep the dust and dirt at bay while promoting a cleaner indoor air like never before. It wouldn’t take that much of your energy, we bet! So, get a vacuum with micro-fiber filters to maximize the cleaning effect. Take note that air pollution isn’t just outside; you’re also at risk of it even when you spend the entire day indoors. Trust our IAQ specialists at A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning to take care of your indoor air and your overall comfort. Call us for your IAQ needs today!