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A heat pump has an electrically powered heating element and transfers heat from outside to inside. It can also provide both cooling and heating comfort.

A furnace only works with the outside temperature to produce heat; when there is no need for indoor heating during summer months and on calm days, the furnace shuts down and doesn’t produce any heated air for use.

If your HVAC system constantly runs, even at low levels, you might have a problem with the system. A dirt buildup on coils could also cause it to run constantly. Dirty or dusty return-air ducts may cause this buildup in your home or from nearby trees that produce pollen and spores in the spring and summer months.

Try changing the filtration type to see if that helps with modifying how much the vents blow. If there’s an uncomfortable draft running through your house from open windows, that could mean there’s a gap around your ductwork outside.

It’s recommended that you get your heating system inspected every 12 months by an authorized professional. This will allow any possible problems with heat exchangers or other parts of your central heating unit to be detected before they become dangerous hazards.