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This occurs when you turn on your A/C too early before the dehumidification cycle has had time to cool down all of your home’s air. Turn off your air conditioner or heater and wait 20 minutes for dehumidification to complete before reactivating them. This will ensure that your indoor coil can provide cool air through your HVAC vents.

Keeping your filters clean ensures better indoor air quality and prolongs the life of your HVAC unit by preventing costly repairs.

Dirty HVAC filters may cause severe damage to your equipment, leading to unnecessary repairs or an unexpectedly early end to the lifespan of your equipment. It would be best if you changed them at least once every month.

Two metal plates start banging together when there is enough pressure in the system due to high humidity levels. This type of sound typically occurs after the heat or cool mode runs for many minutes, and condensation builds up within your HVAC system.

Ask a professional technician about adjusting your home air conditioning limits so that this pressure can be safely relieved by opening windows periodically as needed until this problem subsides.

HVAC units require maintenance every year depending on how frequently they are used and where you live. You should always hire a professional technician to inspect your unit if there is any suspicion of malfunctioning due to severe damage from disasters such as storms or floods.