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Whether you want to add a new heating unit to your newly remodeled home or wish to upgrade to a more efficient commercial heating system, A-Better Heat & Air Conditioning is here to offer expert help.

We’ve been installing high-quality HVAC equipment in Oklahoma City, OK, since 1979, and our long years of experience and expertise ensure that all your comfort needs are handled carefully.

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How to Make Your Heating Installation Successful?

Buying and installing a new heater is a big decision. It doesn’t just take a considerable part of your hard-earned savings, but it’s also where your years of comfort depend. If you want to make that heating installation in Oklahoma City, OK successful, follow these tips below.

Do Your Research

No one probably dares to install a new heater since it’s a complicated and hard job to handle. For this reason, it’s best to search for the right experts to work with the installation.

If you have prospects, then start by looking for online reviews to know what their previous customers said about them. You can also ask for recommendations from a friend who worked with different contractors. Look for the one who is willing to listen to your needs and avoid those who are too pushy to close the deal.

Request an Estimate

While looking for the right heating installer, ask for a quote from each company during the call. Compare prices and deals to see what works best for your budget. Know that the installation fees are not the same.

It all depends on the unit’s quantity and size to be installed, the amount of work to be done, and other related factors. Don’t forget to ask for a second opinion from other contractors once the quote is given.

Pick the Right System Size

Size matters when it comes to your heating system. You can’t just pick the unit because you like it. Remember, if the system isn’t sized right with your current space, it’ll just behave abnormally.

A huge heater warms your space fast but short cycles frequently, resulting in increased bills. On the other hand, small equipment will exert more effort to meet your heating demands, which leads to premature breakdown and high utility costs. Your contractor will conduct a load calculation to find the right system size for your space.

Choose Quality Heating Brand

After knowing the size needed for your space, hunt for a heating brand that provides reliability, durability and quality. Heating systems with these characteristics may be a bit expensive but are expected to work efficiently and can last longer than other cheaper units. Ask for recommendations from your contractor to know what brand is the best.

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A professional assistance always matters when you need to upgrade to a more efficient unit or replace your old system. Our team of qualified and certified installers and technicians can help you with all your heating installation needs.

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