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Having a well-functioning heating system, especially in the winter, is vital for any commercial space. It does more than just keeping the temperatures consistent, as it can positively impact the productivity level of employees, the comfort of tenants, and the monthly energy bills.

That’s why A-Better Heating & Air Conditioning is here to provide help with our quality comfort services. We provide prompt heating system repair in Choctaw, OK to get your heating system ready to provide the heating you deserve. Call us today!

5 Most Common Commercial Heating Repair Calls

At A-Better Heat and Air, we compiled a list of the most common signs that your heating system may need our service. With that, here are the most prevalent reasons for commercial repair needs.

Poor Maintenance

If you want a well-functioning heating system, you also need to take good care of it.  Investing in a preventive maintenance service will significantly boost your heater’s performance, efficiency, and longevity.

If you neglect proper maintenance service, you’ll be prone to sudden breakdowns that can be such an annoyance, especially in the middle of the cold winter. So, be sure to have your unit serviced by our qualified heating pros.

Filthy Air Filters

One of the simplest yet most neglected tasks is having air filters replaced or cleaned promptly. Air filters are a double-edged sword.

While it can help provide cleaner indoor air, it can also negatively affect your indoor air quality, your monthly energy bills, and your system’s service life without timely replacement or cleaning.

We highly suggest that our customers frequently monitor their filters to ensure an optimally working heating system.

Refrigerant Leaks

For heat pumps, one of the most common problems is having a refrigerant leak. Refrigerants are liquid agents that make heating for heat pumps possible. When your heat pumps are low in refrigerant levels, expect that your air will be a bit colder.

When this problem occurs, you must call a qualified technician, as refrigerant problems are hazardous and should only be handled by a pro.

Faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat lets you regulate the temperature setting of your indoor space. Without a properly working thermostat, your commercial building may suffer irregular temperature fluctuations, which can significantly affect your tenants’ comfort.

Malfunctioning Dampers

During the heating process, the heated air will reach out of your building’s vents, which will then travel through a series of ducts before entering each space.

With the help of dampers, you will be able to reduce the air production on a certain line, which will allow more heated air to flow in your desired spaces.

If you encounter uneven heating throughout your space, or some rooms heat faster than others, this could indicate a problem with the dampers.

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As a commercial property owner, it is vital to be aware of the problems that may cause your heating system to fail. With this knowledge, you can take preventive measures to ensure that your unit will work properly for years. However, when things go haywire, you can always call A-Better Heat and Air to help you address your commercial heating problems.

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